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 Exodus 17:15   ...YHWH is my banner

Exodus 17:15

...YHWH is my banner

Old World Heritage Farm exists to teach children, youth and veterans about the benefits of gardening with non-modified, completely organic seeds and methods, while instilling scriptural principles through life teachings.  This is done during week long retreats during which the guests stay in our Sioux Tribe replica Tee-Pee's.  The true to style tee-pees are donated from all over the nation and built here on site.  

We also teach them how to sew garments, blankets and quilts as well as  grow, cook, freeze and can foods. They are taught the how's and why's of sustainable living in as many areas as we can get them interested in.  Whether it is hands in the dirt or handmade skirts, our goal is to teach them self sufficiency.  All of these teaching session s are used to point the individual back to Biblical truths and life lessons. 

As of August 2017, we have been accepted as a PlantPure Nation Pod member.  This provides us with several opportunities.  We are allowed to sell their amazing products, you can view and purchase these at PlantPure Nation.  Use the following code for a discount on specific items. 



We are also offering Whole Foods Plant Based nutrition coaching, counseling, and education classes.  Contact us for more information.

  Check out one of our fine sponsors.

Check out one of our fine sponsors.

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